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We are a community blog that accepts guest posts on a variety of topics – Health & Fitness, Technology, Business, Education, Travel, Entertainment, Fashion & Lifestyle, News, Sports, and Top Lists. We are committed to providing essential information and we encourage everyone to share their knowledge through guest posting.

How to Submit Guest Posts

If you are interested to write a guest post for us, please email them to mariabuttseo@gmail.com

Guidelines for Guest Posting

Here are the following guidelines you must follow when submitting a guest post


When writing for us, please make sure that your piece is fresh and original. This means that the topic should not have been covered by our site already and that the content is not posted, apart from your website or platform. We publish guest posts that do not violate any copyright laws.

External Links

You may add a maximum of one link in each guest post. Please make sure that the external link is related and valuable to both your article and our blog.

Article Length

An informative article should have at least 700 to 1,000 words, which is great both for SEO and the readers. Your content must be well-researched, meaning the information you provide is accurate and relevant to our blog.

Topics We Accept

It is important that you write topics that are relevant and useful to our blog. Otherwise, we may return your piece or ask for a rewrite. So please make sure that your topic is related and valuable to what we offer. Your piece must belong to the following categories:

  • Health
  • Business
  • Technology
  • Travel
  • Lifestyle
  • Fashion
  • Education
  • Sports
  • Entertainment
  • Marketing

Article Title

The title of your article must present well what the topic is all about. Furthermore, it should be creative and appealing to the readers.


The content of your guest post should be well-written and non-promotional. The grammar and sentence structure should be excellent. This means sentences should be kept short and avoid too many fluffy words just to reach the required word count.  Also, we do not accept articles that talk about sensitive topics, such as illegal activities and violence.


We highly encourage you to include at least two images that are of high quality and copyright-free.

Aspects to Consider

We advise all writers to write reader-friendly content. Please include headings, subheadings, and bold important words. If it makes it easier to read, please use bullet points and number lists whenever necessary. Also, keep the content engaging enough so readers will enjoy reading the content and will read it up to the very end.

How to Find Best Guest Post Sites?

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1. blogsfitnews.com Started In 2022, Nearly 10 years history.
2. blogsfitnews.com MOZ DA = 24 and still growing
3. Your post will Permanent Exist on our website.
4. blogsfitnews.com won reports from many High Authoritative websites.

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Well! I think I have to tell you more than enough about guest post guidelines so if you want to submit a guest post on my blog just send your content on this ID: mariabuttseo@gmail.com We will review and if your article will approve by my team, then will Live Automatically.

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