Web Portal for Doctors – How to be seen by a virtual doctor?

Covid 19 has made most doctors go for telemedicine in which they can manage appointments online. They are conducting video calls and chats for exams. As with the outbreak of Covid, it is harmful to both doctors and patients to have physical contact. It is much riskier for doctors to get in touch with patients physically so the whole process has been turned into telemedicine. Here doctors are able to diagnose, take checkups and evaluate their condition with the help of video calls, phone calls, and chats. This kind of revolution is not only safe but time and, money-saving also. Patients and doctors both are getting benefits from this.

Having Appointment

First of all, Patients make a call to the physician’s office so that they can get information about when they can go and how many options are available for an appointment. They are guided in a well and amicable manner. Now there is no need to worry about the early or late schedule because they don’t have to visit but by their own home and more specifically their own room. A more interesting aspect is that patients don’t have to wait for specific hours to go for checkups because the web doctors portal is available for the whole week within 24 hours a day.

How To Visit

We can visit in many ways which we find suitable for us. Patients can visit with the help of just a smartphone or even with just a phone call. It depends on what is convenient and satisfying for them. For instance, If a girl does not want to get diagnosed on a video call or any patient is shy then they can simply make a voice call also. Furthermore, If a patient wants to show their injuries or infection which can’t be analyzed without seeing then a video call is the best option which is quite similar to a physical visit.

Things Needed for Visit

If a patient has any kind of ultrasound results or reports already, then they must get it ready when getting ready for a visit which is useful for the physician to know much about the patient’s condition. They must tell them everything about their allergies and medicines that they were using before which assists the doctor to make a kind of record for every patient. It is helpful when a patient visits a physician on a regular basis they already have a record and history of their patient.

Besides this, a patient should take whatever equipment he is having when going for checkups like blood pressure and sugar checking machines, a Pulse oximeter for checking heart rate, and a thermometer. EKGs are possible with a small personal monitor and an Apple watch. Moreover, if a person is a cardiac patient then he or she may want to buy a stethoscope, otoscope, and basal thermometer for sending a detailed description to the physician.

Nature Of The Visit

When a patient is going to start his video or audio visit call, he must find a well-cleaned, quiet, and suitable place free from any kind of distortion and disturbance. More importantly what is the nature of the surrounding in a video where a patient is going to appear whether it is safe and confidential or not a patient may be required to show different parts of the body for a checkup. Sometimes the patient has directly connected to the visit without any third person but in most cases, the patient is at first given a link to join and after that, an assistant or a nurse takes account introductory information about him and asks questions.

But if we would like to compare this with the offline visit, we will come to know that is no difference between them except for physical touch. But if we talk about every examination, it may not be proper to agree with this term because it is a digital age and we are able to get most of the things done but still not all. Just like that, some types of examinations are not possible by web doctor’s portal like some of the urologic complaints, and digital rectal exams are not possible using this system.

Payments And Insurance

Payments and insurance coverage and processes vary according to any respective state But with the outbreak of covid, states have made amendments to their terms and policies and have somewhat waived their copays. Therefore patients should concern their provider for guidance to see what can he get and covered.

Doctors on-demand is another case. They accept insurance and one medical visit is about 75$ without insurance.


In a nutshell, we can expect the same as we do from our physical visit. Because they both have the same procedures and processes. Patients can ask for further tests, examinations, and physical visits if necessary and prescriptions are sent to the pharmacy for medicines. With this epidemic, some of the services are left behind but it has done a lot of changes in online working to make lives easier. With the assistance of the web doctors portal, medical assistance will go forward and health will at last win the race.

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