Top 10 Marketing Ideas To Generate More Leads For Fitness Clubs

As a successful gym owner, you know that generating new leads is integral to running the business. Growing a gym or fitness club in this highly competitive environment is extremely tough. Even if you have an excellent gym, it can be pretty tough to generate more leads for fitness clubs and gym owners.  

Whether it’s a fitness center, high-end gym, or pilates studio the struggle is the same. So how do you make sure that you stand out in the market and reach the right audience for your gym? Let’s skip ahead and discuss ten marketing ideas to generate more leads for fitness clubs and gym owners.

Monitor the Competition

Competition in any endeavor brings out the best in people. The health club and fitness industry are no different. We should be thankful for the competitive market and value the lessons we learn. 

Make sure you’re monitoring other gyms in the area. Pay attention, close attention to how they’re marketing their gym business both online and in person. We’re not asking you to copy their tricks but you can take help by researching what’s working for them and not. That way you’ll know where to invest your time and resources.

Provide Educational Content

Research shows that small businesses that create educational content, blogs, and videos gain more than 50 percent higher growth in their leads than those that don’t. Content creation, especially blogging, is the perfect way to educate your audience and spread your brand name. This can also help you see your audience, expertise, and mastery in different areas. Providing content to generate more leads for fitness club and gym owners is essential for a couple of reasons:

  • It drives more traffic to the website.
  • Creating content establishes you as an expert on fitness topics, wellness, and nutritionist. 
  • Content will boost your SEO which will eventually bring more traffic to your website.

Collaborate With Influencers

Influencers are valued as much as celebrities. Influencers are people who have built their natural following and vast reach on social media by generating content. More than 50 percent of marketers agree that investment only in influencer marketing is more profitable than other marketing channels. 

It’s not just about paying someone to promote your content, their followers already trust them which is why it’s more likely that they will sign up for your service as well. Here’s a list of a few things you should check before finalizing on an influencer:

  • Do Your Research – check for fake ads and real engagement
  • Decide on A Budget
  • Follow the Protocol
  • Track Your ROI

Once you have done all the research and decided on an influencer to collaborate with. Brief them about your requirements, type of content and campaign you want, and establish KPIs for how you will measure the profits. 

Showcase Yourself as an Industry Expert

As discussed in the content section, try to showcase yourself as an industry expert. The majority of members will sign up with you because they want to see a change. It’s easier to gain their trust when they know you’re an experienced and skillful expert. 

The goal is to play with the customer’s mind and create a unique impression so that customer associates a needed and desirable service with your gym that is distinct from the other market and your competitors. 

Value Your Existing Clients

Of course, to generate more leads for fitness club and gym owners you want new customers to sign up for your membership. At the same time though make sure you’re not undervaluing your existing clients. Other than your regular service, look for ways to keep your current clients engaged and even more interested in additional training. Keep them interested in ordinary events and challenges. Gym marketing campaigns in the form of events or challenges are a fun way to gather people. It can also help you to get more social media popularity and more email subscribers. Organize events like:

  • Summer Body Showdown
  • Annual Marathons
  • Offer Corporate Wellness Programs

Host Specialized Classes

If you’re only dealing with regular gym practice with regular equipment you’re missing out on a niche target audience. Not every one of your clients is looking to lift weights and do bodybuilding. Offer them spa, Zumba, meditation, boxing, and aerobics. To implement these services check with your influencer and team. Host a free class and invite your clients to know about their expectations. To host an effortless online class with your gym members use a resourceful software, Picktime. Picktime is a web-based gym scheduling software. Picktime has a user-friendly interface supported by all devices. Using Picktime you can conduct a one-on-one or group session with attendance and waitlist. 

With Picktime you get a personalized booking page and unique URL only for your appointment business page. Picktime provides you 24×7 email support and automatic appointment reminders via SMS and email to avoid no-shows. You can also add your staff and services to your Picktime account and it will handle all your payments and invoices. Integrate with your favorite payment options PayPal, Square, Stripe and you’re good to go. To know more, sign up for free today!

Grow Your Online Presence

One of the most prominent marketing ideas to generate more leads for fitness club and gym owners would be to get active on social media. This is because almost every age group is active on social media. Start with the three biggest channels – Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As you grow and move forward, establish your presence on other platforms as well, such as YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest. 

Try and identify your consumer’s persona and what type of content they are interacting with. This way you’ll be able to generate content that speaks directly to your target. Maintain consistency across all channels. You can also try expanding your business using Google’s My Business and Reserve with Google services.

Flaunt Your Ratings and Customer Testimonials

It’s in the heading! Who doesn’t check the ratings and reviews before trying a service? Any place or service! Whether it’s a new place to eat dinner, a hotel stay, or a fitness club. More than 60 percent of consumers read reviews to check if it’s worth it or not. Not only written, but you can also upload video testimonials from your clients. Adding customer testimonials to your social media handles and website adds weight to your services. 

Email Marketing 

This is no surprise that having a quality email list can do wonders in increasing your client list. Email marketing has higher revenue rates in comparison to other marketing tricks. What are you waiting for now? Start right away! To create an email marketing campaign you have to get clear on your goals and target audience. The next step would be to promote online and offer free services to get attention and sign up for newsletters. You can consider starting the following email campaigns:

  • Welcome Email Campaign
  • Retargeting Email Campaign
  • Service or Product Awareness Email Campaign

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing works a little bit similar to referrals. But it can only be used for businesses. In affiliate marketing, you can leverage the other business’s connections and network to sell your product. Using this way to get to interact with whole new clients. For instance, a gym affiliate program would work best for supplement providers, doctors, personal trainers, or physiotherapists. 

To summarize the marketing ideas to generate more leads for fitness club and gym owners, remember that you’ll need a mix of both – organic and paid marketing boosts to succeed. With the above-shared tips in your pocket get ready to grow and generate more leads.