The Mesmerising Mountain in the Northeast


It is undisputed that Northeast mountain India is a land filled with natural beauty. Northeast India is among the most beautiful regions in the globe due to its unexplored hills, valleys, forests, wildlife, and mountains. There are a variety of experiences that can be enjoyed there such as trying to find living root connections to photographing the magnificent red pandas. Northeast India is home to numerous states that are blessed with breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains, making it an ideal destination for photographers who love nature.

Who wouldn’t like their eyes relaxed by the stunning beauty of the snow-covered mountains that seem to have fallen out of the sky? The mountains are some of the most breathtaking mountains that lie in the Northeast that every tourist should visit should they wish to visit.

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Mount Pandim

One of the highest mountain ranges in the world, Mount Pandim is situated in Sikkim and is over 22,000 feet. It can appear as if you’re traveling between Dzongri towards Goechala. The mountain that is covered with snow, is a sight that will amaze you. Numerous hiking trails surround this mountain. So, in addition to taking photos of the beauty of this mountain, you can simply trek and hike through the mountains.


Kabru Kabru is another imposing mountain with the potential to charm any traveler. It can be seen from Dzongri across Sikkim and lies at the border of India Northeast India. Sikkim is among the few Indian regions where it is possible to see some of the most awe-inspiring peaks in the world due to its proximity to the Himalayan Range. Kabru is situated at an altitude of approximately 25000 feet. It is the ridge that is further divided into the Kabru North, and South along with the Talung segments.

Gimmigela Chuli

Gimmigela Chuli sometimes referred to as The Twins, is close to Kanchenjunga and is easily visible from Sikkim. India and Nepal each share a part of this massive mountain. Three climbers ended with failure on their trek in the year before making their first climb in 1995. Avalanches have been associated with several confirmed deaths in this region.

Kirat Chuli

Kirat Chuli, also referred to as Tent High Point, holds both a spiritual and symbolic significance in nature. It is believed that Yuma Sammang the goddess of omnibenevolence from the Himalayan ethnic group, known as the Kiratis is a part of this magnificent mountain.


If you’re a keen photographer, don’t skip the chance to view Siniolchu mountain and take pictures of its beauty of it. The highest mountain in the world rises to an elevation of around 23,000 feet within the State of Sikkim and is regarded as the most stunning mountain on the globe. German and climbers from Sikkimese have climbed numerous times. Did you know that Siniolchu is also famous for its unique mountain structure that is only available there?


Pauhunri considered to be one of the globe’s most awe-inspiring mountain ranges, is shared with China as well as India it has also been conquered by mountaineers many times. Following Alex, Mitchell climbed it in 1911 and it held its record as the world’s highest peak for more than 20 years. Teesta River Teesta river is believed to have its origins in the Pauhunri mountain.




This stunning area is a wonder that rises above hills and valleys. the tall pine trees are seen swaying and dancing in the frigid wind and when clouds discover an open space on a hill’s edge to let in the beautiful blue sky.

The Meghalaya state’s capital city, a flawless combination of old beauty and modernity hosts a range of tourist attractions such as waterfalls, recreation zones, and peaks, as well as landscapes and museums that keep the tourist’s heads bobbing in a joyful dance.

Shillong is among the top tourist destinations around the world, so ensure that you don’t forget to shut off the shutters on your camera. The magnificent real harvest is waiting to make a spot in the most popular travel destinations.

Goechala Pass & Sikkim Trekking

Sikkim has a good harmony between the gorgeous natural beauty of its vegetation and wildlife, and it is the trekking that, particularly the Goechala trek, can provide the adrenaline rush some people who are looking for adventure desperately require. This guide to the Goechala trek contains everything you require for a relaxing getaway and if you’ve always wanted to quench your thirst for adventure starts now.

Maximum altitude 16200 feet.

About 11 days (upward and down trek)

The trek covered 90 km. Best Months for the Goechala Trek: April to May and October to November

Mt. Kanchenjunga is almost right in front of you when you take a hike to Goechala. Regarding this part of the Kanchenjunga Trek, Goechala serves as the base camp. It is a great place to have an amazing and life-changing adventure through glaciers, rocky terrains with flora and fauna as well as a stunning lake known as Samiti.