The Goechala Views: First Time in Northeast


Goechala Trek is considered to be the most renowned adventure trek in India. The trek begins and ends in Yuksom West Sikkim.

It is a trek at high altitudes often referred to by the name of the Goechala Pass trek. The most distinctive aspect of this hike is that it will take you to three views: Dzongri Peak (Daphla Gang), Dzongrilla pass, and Geochala Viewpoints. Each of these viewpoints offers stunning views of the mountains.

About the Journey

Dzongri Lookout gives breathtaking views of the Himalayas, capped with snow. The breathtaking landscape of Kanchenjunga the third-highest mountain in the world is the most popular attraction of his Gochara trek. A popular short trek in Sikkim is called The Dzongri Trek.

You can also try Brahmatal Trek, as this is a himalayan trek, which is located in Utrrakhand.

Why do the Goechala Trek?

The beauty of nature on Goechala Trek’s natural beauty Goechala Trek cannot be described in words. This article outlines the majesty of this trekking experience. We’re not poetry lovers or even literary icons. A single word will draw you into a world of fantasy.

But I will guarantee one thing. Once you reach the observatory, the view there brings tears of happiness into your eye. Think about the entire Gochara Trek package the perfect adventure spot. Every day you trek will create a memorable moment and experience of your excursion. This Goechala Trek route takes you into the world of stunning scenery changes.

The natural views

The stunning natural beauty creates this Gochara Trek the king of Himalayan treks. At the present, it is among the top Sikkim biodiversity hotspots.

The trek is for those who want to experience adventure from tropical to alpine to temperate climates. The trekker begins at 1,780m in altitude and attains the highest and coldest spot in Sikkim at 4,600m. Going on a trek in Goechala His map permits hikers to walk through forests that are lush and lush. You’ll encounter clear streams and rivers that are raging. Additionally, there are tranquil lakes on the route, Lake Lakshmi and Lake Samity.

Then, take a look at the breathtaking snow-capped Himalayan huge peaks, which include Mount Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world.

Best time to do this trek.

The best time to go when it comes to Goechala trekking is between October and November. The months of October and November are the best season for trekking within the area. The rainy season comes to an end in October and November. The weather will be clear and dry. It is the Himalayas will always be cold however temperatures are mildly bearable.

What and where will the Goechala trek begin?

Goechala trekking route starts from Yuksom West Sikkim. Therefore, the first goal is to travel to Yuksom by foot before the beginning of the hike. Yuksom is a city in the western part of Sikkim. It is a significant historical place in the development of Sikkim.

Yuksom is the place of the coronation ceremony in Sikkim. Sikkim was a former independent state ruled by an independent monarch and became the 22nd state within the Commonwealth of India on May 16, 1975. It is still possible to see a replica of the throne made of stone where Sikkim’s monarch, Phunshok Namgyal, was swearing in.

Yuksom was the capital city of the first state of Sikkim. It is not only an ideal place to begin your Dzongri Goechala trek, but it’s also an excellent location to get acquainted with the history of Sikkim. Yuksom is full of budget hotels and homestays that welcome guests with welcoming arms. It is important to be aware of the following before visiting Yuksom


About Yuksom

Yuksom is not an ATM. If you’re from the NJP/Bag Dogra network, you must withdraw your money in Jorethang. If you are passing through Jorethang there is no extraction point. Don’t count on ATMs when you travel to Jorethang. If you are to Jorethang from Pakyong or Gangtok and want to withdraw, you must do so your money in Gangtok.

  • When you follow your Goechala Trek route to Yuksom The signal from the network goes away. Stuff and Tshoka are two points at which you can establish an internet.
  • However, it takes lots of research and perseverance.
  • So so far Vodafone, Airtel, and Jio are Yuksom’s most trusted providers of network services.
  • There are rumors that the power of the network has shown itself.
  • The highest point on this Geochala trek route.
  • Yuksom Vodafone’s internet speed varies between 5 to 8 Mbit/s.
  • In the evening, it could be unpredictable. Jio as well as Airtel have been reliable in calls as well as basic browsing.
  • HD video streaming might not work as well.
  • Do not expect Wi-Fi free when you stay in the homestay or hotel in Yuksom.
  • As of now, Yuksom doesn’t have the most reliable network with the highest quality of fiber optics.
  • Highlight Features This breathtaking Goechala Trek has a few significant highlights.


They include:

The trail begins from Yuksom and travelers can learn about the traditions that are Sikkim and its rich tradition. In Yuksom there are wooden fences that line the trail. Also, on the way, the hikers will be awed by the breathtaking mountain peaks as well as the lush meadows that surround the iconic snow-capped Kanchenjunga.

While climbing the mountain, you’ll be left with lush scenery at the foot of the hill. Beautiful Kanchenjunga situated in Yuksom is so stunning that hikers could spend all day gazing at the beauty.


In the Goechala trek, travelers can view the breathtaking Mount Pan dim, Mount Kabul, and Mount Rohtang. In the end, everyone who loves nature will enjoy going on the Goechala trekking, which is comprised of several places that showcase the finest of nature’s beauty.