Places to visit in Bangalore


Bangalore is home to the “hip and happening” generation of young people. The city is rich in culture and offers many options to keep young people (and those who are not yet young) entertained. You might be bored with your weekends and evenings if you just moved to the city for a new job or course, or if you are visiting your grandparents on a summer vacation. No one can go to the malls or watch movies all day. Here are some places you can visit in Bangalore to make your kids have a blast! places you can visit in Bangalore

Plan a trip, pack your bags and check in at your favorite hotel in Bangalore to start exploring the vibrant and youthful side of the city.

List of Bangalore’s best places for everyone 

Guhantara Resort

Ever thought about living in a cave? However, we should reconsider the idea when we consider the bats and other worms that live in the caves. Guhantara surely has something for us. We were able to enjoy the cave benefits without having to worry about all the hassles. Guhantara is a great place to live a modern life, even though it’s 10m below the ground. You will feel like you are in a Flintstones episode.

Lal Bagh

This historic and ancient garden is a landmark that dates back to the Tipu Sultan era. Another green space in Bangalore where you can enjoy a nice picnic with friends is this place. This is a great place to spend a sunny morning in Bangalore, especially if it’s winter. If you are in Bangalore around this time, don’t miss the stunning Glass House or the annual flower show.

Commercial Street

These are the most popular shopping areas in Bangalore. You don’t have to be brand-conscious and love flea and street markets. Get something to keep, learn how to bargain, and then go out with your friends at one of the cafes, restaurants, or pubs located along the streets. 

MG Road

One of the most chaotic roads in Bangalore, MG Road (or Mahatma Gandhi Road) is a hub of commercial and competitive activity. MG Road is a great place to shop for your weekend adventures and all of your shopping needs. There are many restaurants and cafes available if you are hungry after a long day of shopping. MG Road is known for its party atmosphere and many high-end bars. MG Road is a must-see when in the city.


You’re missing out on lots of fun if you haven’t yet visited Smaaash. Smaaash is an enormous gaming and activity center. This place will be loved by everyone, children and adults alike. You can try your hand at bowling, learn how to use VR Games, or just have fun with the go-karts. You can also relax and share a few beers with your friends.

Tip: These prices are slightly higher than usual. You don’t want to blow your budget.

Beer Hubs

The only city that is a pub, is Bangalore, India. So why not try some of the incredible beers Bangalore is famous for? The best place to go with friends in Bangalore is the pub. For a great beer, you can visit ABC or Toit for a taste of their beers. Or head to Skyye and High for sweeping views of the city. District 6 is another place you can go to for great beer. 

Orion Mall

Orion Mall, located in Malleshwaram, Bangalore is one of the most popular and bustling malls in the area. It is located near the lake. The mall’s beautiful location makes it even more attractive. There are many stores in the mall, including electronics, accessories, and footwear shops.