Places in Wayanad-Itinerary & Things To Do


The Southern State of Kerala has been blessed with an exhilarating township named Wayanad. A green quarter, there are numerous places to visit in Wayanad in 1 day for an eschewal and out short flight. To truly claw into and appreciate the natural beauty of Wayanad, you can enjoy visiting the numerous pouring falls, scenic lakes, and lofty hills. While if you’re an adventure freak also, you’ll surely love to trudge the Phantom Rock, Lakkidi standpoint, etc to have a satisfying experience. 

Also, your Wayanad one-day trip holds further to it as this immersing place still has numerous exceptional monuments, tabernacles, and sightseer lodestones that would make every nanosecond of your short excursion worthwhile. Besides sightseeing, the one thing that you must not miss out on is a safari at the Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary to spot a variety of native foliage and fauna. 

Chembra Peak 

Chembra Peak has an admixture of graphic beauty and an audacious trip. Located at a height of,100 m above the ocean position, it stands as one of the loftiest peaks in the Western Ghats. For pedestrians, this green paradise awaits you to a surprise in the middle of the trail. On the way to the peak, you can witness a heart-shaped lake, the stylish part of this journey. 

Once you reach the peak, your eyes get bedazzled with multitudinous panoramic views, and it gives you a surreal experience. Hence, Chembra Peak is among the audacious places to visit in Wayanad in 2 days. 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary 

Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary is a recognized natural niche of numerous rare and exposed foliage and fauna and an awful flight for wildlife suckers. 

It’s one of those invigorating retreats where people can appreciate sustainable tourism with a bit of adventure and recreation.

Offering an excellent occasion to see the giant herds, deer, langurs, and barracuda bat freely in Wayanad.

 Edakkal Caves 

Edakkal grottoes Located,200 m above the ocean position on Ambukutty Mala, portrays nature’s capability and the gospel of armature. The term ‘ Edakkal ’ means ‘ a gravestone in between ’. This sightseer spot is notorious for its pictorial oils which are roughly 6000B.C. old and it’s one of the stylish Wayanad places to visit in 2 days. 

To reach this literal place, one should take a 45 twinkles journey through Ambukutty Mala, which won’t fail you in the end. Can you believe that Edakkal Caves is the only given place in India having Stone Age busts? 

Banasura Sagar Dam 

Banasura Sagar levee isn’t only an influent of River Kabini, but also the largest earth levee in India and the second largest in Asia. It’s erected with massive heaps of monuments and boulders. The main end of the levee is to prop with irrigation and hunt the thirst for drinking water. 

The name “ Banasura ” comes from the son of King Mahabali, one of the notorious autocrats of Kerala. 

Some of the best conditioning offered then are touring and voyaging in the lake. Hence, one should take this sightseeing place into account for 2 days Trip to Wayanad and have a memorable experience with their family. 

Soochipura Falls 

Soochipura Falls also called Sentinel Rock falls offers the most serene views in its surroundings. Then, the waterfalls at a height of 300 bases from the ocean position. The cascade surprises you with an amazing pool where one can enjoy bathing, swimming, and other recreational conditioning and you must include this place in Wayanad on a 2-day trip. 

For exhilaration- campaigners, this place is stylishly suitable for water rafting girdled by green gentle pitches and thick timber. therefore, it ensures them a perfect holiday

 respite. Consider yourself lucky, if you could spot a barracuda while going for a journey trail. also, the place has comfortable homestays and a tree-top shack to get the catcalls-eye view. 

 Soochipura Falls is sure to give an ever-lasting print on your 2 days Trip to Wayanad.

Jain Temple 

The Jain Temple at Sulthan Bathery a name amongst the most imperative among the multitudinous Jain tabernacles in Kerala, the Bathery Temple in Sulthan Bathery is accepted to have been worked in the thirteenth century. Its plan is emphatically affected by the design style of the also ruling Vijayanagar Dynasty. 

Another intriguing element is the kindly chequered history of the sanctuary which originally filled in as a place of deification, next as a focal point of business exchange incipiently, as the ammo store or battery of Tipu Sulthan’s fortified force. A square gemstone section with a slice of Mahavir Jain can be set up in the inward Sanctorum of the sanctuary which is encompassed by an open gallery.  There’s a raised stage made of gemstones before the top entrance. This too holds cut columns and their fluted sections end with no crown monuments. The encompassing grounds too are cleared in purposefulness.