Drawing a Mandala Step-by-step guide

 Drawing a Mandala Step-by-step guide: A mandala is a pattern of many different small shapes arranged geometrically. They have been used in many different cultures and religions for meditation and spiritual relaxation, and in modern times as a relaxing way to calm the mind and body.

Given their intricate shape, one might think that learning to make a mandala would be difficult, but what if we told you that it could be easier than you think? In just nine steps, this step-by-step guide to drawing mandalas will allow you to draw your unique mandala design quickly.

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Drawing A Cute Mandala

Step 1

When looking at a mandala, it seems impossible to draw one freehand. This guide to making a mandala will show you that it’s possible, easy, and fun if you know what to do! Once you’ve completed this guide, you can also use it as a basis for designing your mandalas.

To start, you need to draw a large circle. Drawing the perfect ring freehand can be difficult, so using a tool like a drawing compass can be very helpful for this step. Once you have your circle, use a light pen to draw a line along the vertical and horizontal axis of the circle to create the target shape. We use pencil for these lines as they are there to guide you and will not be included in the final image.

Step 2

With the cross you drew in the previous step as the center, you can begin creating the pattern for your mandala design. To do this, draw curved shapes from the center of the mandala. This creates a circle of teardrop shapes, which you can draw smaller circles inside.

Step 3

If you used the drawing compass for step 1 of the mandala guide-making procedure, it would be helpful for you in this step. Draw a small circle around the circle of the teardrop shape from the previous steps.

Step 4

With this handy drawing compass, you can draw another circle around the circle you made in the previous step for this step of your mandala drawing. As easy as that!

Step 5

Within the ring formed by your two circles, you can create a pattern between them for this step of our mandala-making guide. To do this, draw an irregular triangle shape between the circles to create the pattern you can see in our reference image.

Step 6

You will need a ruler for this part of your mandala drawing. Using your ruler, draw a six-sided hexagon around the two circles you drew earlier for this step. Then separate the shape into segments before drawing a point in each part.

Step 7

Step 7 of our guide to making a mandala looks a lot more complicated than it seems! However, you may want to refer specifically to the reference image for this part. You’ll draw round and square shapes around the hexagon from the previous step, then you can add elements like leaf shapes before drawing lines around the edge of your mandala.

If you take it slow, follow the directions, and keep all the sides aligned, you shouldn’t have any trouble with this part!

Step 8

Before coloring your beautiful mandala design, you can complete the pattern in this step.Like Step 7, these pattern elements look more complicated than they are. To complete this design, draw curved lines radiating from the edge of the mandala and add dotted patterns for added depth. Also, at this stage, it is essential to keep it balanced.

Step 9

Completing this guide to drawing mandalas was no easy task, and now you can relax while you color! When you color a mandala, the goal is to use color to express yourself. It will help if you relax and choose colors that feel natural to you at the moment.

Whether your colors are bright and bold or more relaxed and muted, the design you create should reflect how you feel! With this approach, no two mandalas will be the same.

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