Closing manual for Kodachadri trek


The rage of Kodachadri for adventure sports activities has increased with a boom within the modern-day generation. Journey sports activities have now emerge as sports carried out for enjoyment. Among these adventure sports trekking has been the one that is most trending and famous nowadays. As this fashion for hiking is developing, so is the wide variety of trekking locations that had been now not recognized to human beings in advance. 

Today I will be supplying you with an closing guide approximately one of the maximum famous and top notch hiking locations of Karnataka i.E. The Kodachadri trek.


Shimoga is the location wherein the famous Kodachadri trek is placed. The eleven km-lengthy journey is followed by using waterfalls that are in full waft. The encompassing surroundings is lovely. At Mookambika flora and fauna Park, the hike begins. Mookambika wildlife Sanctuary concludes at the peak, making it a super choice for your trek’s end. A deep Shola wooded area that is traditional of the western ghats surrounds the pathways.

You can reach the Mookambika Temple at the summit of the mountain with the aid of hiking there. The lovely Indian nation of Karnataka is domestic to the Kodachadri vicinity.

This is a exquisite manner to spend a weekend getaway due to the fact Kodachadri is situated right inside the center of the Mookambika wildlife Sanctuary. You will get the danger to appearance approximately and admire the lovely surroundings. September to February is the fine time for hiking in Kodachadri. The path is around 15 kilometers lengthy.

The weather could be cooler, with fewer clouds and greater daylight, from September till January. With the assist of a jeep, achieving there gets clean. The ideal time to start the hike is now. The trek could be more remarkable if you are wholesome and lively. 

First-rate time for hiking in Kodachadri:

October to February is a super time for Kodachadri treks. The excellent times to go to the Kodachadri Trek is after the monsoon or in the wintry weather.

You will see the location’s lush foliage in all its beauty after the monsoon. At the start of summer, whilst the majority of the path is blanketed with a aggregate of brown and green, the walk may be resumed. You’ll get appreciably clearer perspectives at some stage in the iciness than in the course of the wet season.

The stroll may be undertaken inside the summer. Whilst you transition from the wooded area area to the grasslands, the colors can be distinctly browner in the shadow.

In the course of Monsoon there may be heavy rainfall so the trek becomes slippery. Be organized for the difficulty of hiking at some point of the rains if you decide to pursue this option. Ensure that you have the perfect device, and travel with a person who is experienced in trekking and navigation. Trekking at the height of the monsoon raises the problem of the adventure.

Approximately the direction of Trek:

3 base groups provide get right of entry to to the Kodachadri Trek. It is feasible to start the trek from Nittur, Kattinahole, or even the Vallur aspect.

Start your hike from the Kattinahole side of the village if you are using your vehicle to the base. Hidlumane Falls is wherein you could start the trek, or you may retain at the jeep road to the Kodachadri top.

Thru the wooded area element, trekking is reasonably easy from the Vallur facet. But, if you trek in this trail with the aid of your self, you’ll miss out on one of Hidlumane Falls’ major attractions.


The route from Karakatte thru Santhosh resort, Valur, is the best for this stroll. Non-public automobiles may effortlessly come up with get admission to to a little network wherein the inn is placed, from which you may start the 4-5 hour hike to the peak.

In your manner down from Kodachadri, you will take the third path, that’s the longest and is largely a jeep path.

The Moola Mukambika temple, which additionally has a PWD guest house and serves as a vast landmark on the climb to the height, serves as the final vacation spot for all three pathways. The summit is around 2 km away from here.

Day 1:beginning the trek

The quaint small guest house adjoining to Sampekatte, which is only a short pressure from the trailhead, is a superb homestay, and the solely local vegetarian food provided here’s a deal with to the senses and an revel in in and of itself. Additionally taking care of your every need is the very welcoming elderly couple who manipulate the established order.

After a quick breakfast and refreshments, you can repack your baggage and prepare for a strenuous day of hiking.

Day 2: Heading for Nagara castle

You may be going to the Nagara castle, which is within the Karnataka country’s Shimoga district. The remnants of this castle, which had been constructed within the 16th century, though exude an air of antiquity and grandeur. You will need to forestall and go to the citadel because of the picturesque scenes that you may get at the same time as travelling. There’s something approximately this spot on the way to trap you.


This trek is among one of the maximum enjoyable and remarkable adventures that you can have. It is a notably advocated vicinity to head on a trek.