Chopta Trek: Complete Trekking Guide


The Chopta Tungnath Trail has many reasons to be a great hike. This trail will take you from beautiful pine forests to stunning views to wildlife, natural springs to diversity of wildlife, and the serenity and tranquility of Chopta to the mysterious charm of Tungnath. One trekking experience you will never forget is the Chopta Tungnath Trek. What are you waiting to do?

From Joshimath, Chopta is a very popular trekking destination. The Chopta Trek covers the most iconic peaks, including Neelkanth, Chandrashila, and Tungnath. Tungnath has a temple dedicated solely to Lord Shiva. It offers breathtaking views of the Himalayan mountains as well as the Dhauladhar ranges. From the Tungnath summit, you can also view the Trishul peak.

Other popular attractions in Chopta include the mountain streams, Gauri Kund, Lake, Cheenakand, and other natural wonders. Chopta is located at 10,630 feet above the sea level. It offers stunning views of glaciers, snow-capped peaks and lush green meadows. Mid-May to mid June and September to October are the best times to climb Chopta. For beginners looking to explore Uttarakhand’s beautiful region, Chopta is a great destination.

Why is this trek so unique?

The Tungnath Trek, a sacred pilgrimage for Hindus, is an exceptional and special one. It is located in Uttarakhand and is also known as the Chandranath Yatra. It is part of a journey that takes you to Kedarnath and Badrinath before finally reaching Gangotri. The Yatra begins at Gangotri and ends in Kedarnath.

Amazing views at every turn

You will see stunning views of valleys and snow-covered peaks all along the route. You can see the stunning views of Trishul peaks and Rudraprayag as well as the Har Ki Dun glaciers.

The peaceful atmosphere:

You will find the trail through a forest with oak, deodar and rhododendron trees. This provides some relief from urban life. You can hear the water running across rocks as you walk through these natural woods.

A thick blanket of snow

You can snowboard on many slopes close to the temple because of the heavy snowfall.

This trek passes by important pilgrimage sites such as Jwalpa Devi temple or Gauri Kund. You will see two huge stone statues at Jwalpa Devi Temple. They were created using only hammers, chisels and the work of a small group of monks over a 10-year period. At 4100mts above the sea level, Gauri Kund is a stunning glacier lake.

How do you get there?

You don’t have to worry about getting to Badrinath if you are planning on visiting the Tungnath temple. Rishikesh is the nearest railway station, 162 km from Badrinath.

You can travel by train to Rishikesh, where you can then hire a taxi/rickshaw to get to Badrinath.

Two airports can be used to fly you to the region. The nearest is Dehradun airport, located approximately 94km from Badrinath. Jolly Grant airport is also nearby in Delhi, the capital of India.

It is a smart decision to use a bus service to get around the city instead of hiring a private taxi. Buses are generally more affordable and convenient. If you are looking for a private taxi, you can find one that is familiar with the area. Another choice is to rent a vehicle with a driver.

The best time to visit

Tungnath’s trek is open all year, but it’s best to visit during peak season (usually April-May). This allows you to visit the area after the snow has melted, and it is almost completely uncrowded. If you visit in the right season (September-October), then you will be able to experience all that autumn has for you: crisp, warm days; cherry blossoms; lushness of the natural world.

Things to bring for the trek

  • Good hiking shoes. Reebok shoes were good, but I didn’t like the grip. It is better to not choose reeboks.
  • You should always have trekking poles with you. They can be purchased in Dehradun, which is just 10 minutes from Tugnath.
  • Two to three socks are a good idea. You should also have a pair woollen socks that you can wear in the tent at night.
  • A woollen cap is a must, as it can get very cold while on the trek.
  • A woollen scarf is a good option to keep warm when you are sleeping on the ground or in tents.
  • You can bring any medications that you need with you. Tungnath Trek doesn’t offer any medical care.
  • Bring a camera and extra batteries, as well as a memory card, to capture the beautiful moments in your life on the Tungnath trekking trail.


Be aware of some potential dangers as well as safety precautions and advanced tips that are available for high-altitude trekkers. Keep in mind that even up there, the Earth spins at a thousand miles per hour so be careful and use your time wisely. Enjoy the view and be safe