Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Sales

There are many ways to increase sales in WooCommerce. There are several plugins available that will help you do this. These include YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, Stripe, and OptinMonster. These tools can all help you generate more leads and boost sales. Best WooCommerce Plugins to Increase Sales.


The OptinMonster WooCommerce plugin is a powerful conversion rate optimization (CRO) and lead generation (LGD) tool. It offers many useful features, including the ability to create targeted campaigns based on the behavior of your visitors. It also allows you to schedule campaigns based on certain dates or locations. It also offers a wide variety of customizable campaigns for WooCommerce stores. These targeted campaigns can be personalized to target your customers based on product pages, number of items in the cart, or other site behavior.

Its powerful popup maker allows you to create beautiful popups that convert visitors into subscribers and customers. It also tracks visitors’ behavior to show the appropriate popups at the right time. It also allows you to create a variety of different types of popups, including sticky announcement bars, opt-in forms, and email subscription forms.


Stripe is a payment gateway that supports major credit cards and other methods of payment. This payment gateway is also available in more than one hundred and thirty countries. It offers sophisticated fraud protection tools and helps protect your transactions. It also allows you to accept subscription payments through WooCommerce Subscriptions. It helps you increase your sales by facilitating recurring payments and enabling multiple payment methods for your customers.

Another excellent feature of Stripe is its ability to integrate payment processing into your website. It supports Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, and bank account payments. It also supports recurring billing and subscriptions, which can help increase your revenue. It is also free to use and offers a variety of payment options at the checkout.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

The YITH WooCommerce Wishlist provides a place for customers to store items they want to purchase. This feature increases the chances of a sale per visit since visitors will remember products they’ve previously viewed and want to buy again. The plugin also allows you to create gift lists for customers.

The YITH Wishlist plugin is compatible with multiple sites. To use it, you need to enable a few settings. First, you have to enable AJAX loading. This will load widgets and shortcodes in the Wishlist. After that, you can customize the Add to Wishlist button.


Optinly is an advanced popup solution that increases sales in your WooCommerce store. Its exit-intent technology allows it to send ads to visitors when they’re about to leave. This increases pageviews and SEO. This plugin offers a free trial and a paid plan starting at $25 per month.

It also features a drag-and-drop builder that helps you design beautiful opt-in forms. It’s easy to install and use, and can dramatically boost your website’s sales. It’s a great choice for both big and small businesses.


Retainful helps you increase your revenue by re-engaging inactive customers. The plugin enables you to automate several email campaigns and insert a coupon code into transactional emails. It also offers you the option to send email reminders to registered users and collect emails from visitors when they add an item to their cart.

Retainful is one of the most effective email marketing automation plugins for WooCommerce. It not only automates email campaigns and boosts sales, but it also reduces cart abandonment ratio. It does this by sending out automated, well-timed recovery emails at preset intervals until the customer finishes their order. In addition, Retainful offers a number of customization options for emails.

YITH WooCommerce Additional Variation Images Gallery

This plugin allows you to display your product variations in an additional gallery. You can select multiple images, including videos, to display with each variation. It is compatible with all themes, including WooCommerce and WordPress. You can also customize the layout of your product variation gallery. This plugin is ideal for online stores that want to attract more customers.

Using this plugin can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes for customers to make the final decision on whether to buy a product. This plugin allows you to display all variations with multiple images, and it is mobile-compatible. Additionally, this plugin allows you to control the position of the zoom button, and it is compatible with most WooCommerce themes.


One of the most effective Woocommerce plugins to increase sales is TrustPulse. This plugin tracks social media activity and shows visitors when others have bought similar products on your website. The social proof it provides helps build trust in your website, and it also notifies visitors about sales and special offers. It is very easy to use, and you can configure the plugin to match the branding of your website.

Another great WooCommerce plugin is Bekeeting. This plugin is great for making products look more appealing and enticing to customers. It also enables you to cross-sell products to customers. A perfect example of this would be the leather case that can be added to a smartphone purchase. It’s a clever way to boost revenue while encouraging customers to complete their purchase.