Best Places to Visit in Kodaikanal in 2 Days


A world of comforting hills, fascinating pathways, and unspoilt natural beauty awaits you in Kodaikanal. ingrained as ‘ Queen of Hill Stations ’ in South India, Kodaikanal is the perfect destination for a two- day trip, down from the agitated megacity life. 

 The voguish way to enjoy Kodaikanal is to follow an journal that covers the voguish sightseeing, top- rated original beaneries and fun- filled exertion that will enable you to witness the swish of the hill megalopolis. Our companion will do just that, hopon.Upon reaching Kodaikanal, settle in your hotel room near Kodaikanal Lake or Coaker’s Walk.

Bryant Park 

  Bryant Park to check out its spectacular botanical cinema and pay a visit to the glass house and rose theater. Go to the demesne if you ’re visiting with family or are deeply interested in horticulture, botany, and vegetation photography. 

 Dolphin’s Nose 

Dolphin’s Nose immaculately, you should ’ve breathed done with everything mentioned over by 2 pm, that’s the ideal time to start the Dolphin’s Nose trip for unsurpassable views in Kodaikanal. 

A multitudinous paces ahead fabricated Echo Rock, yet another spectacular standpoint. The trip( both ways) will take you around two to three hours. 

 La Saleth Church 

 La Saleth ChurchVisit the oldest church in Kodaikanal, framed in the French style.

The innards, as well as the external armature covered in blue and white, areenough.ancient church in the middle of a hill station is a uniquely uplifting experience. 

Mannavanur Lake 

 Mannavanur Lake Take a road trip to Mannavanur Lake, one of Kodaikanal’s best- kept secrets. It’s a serene, pressed lake nestled in beautiful topographies. Walk along the pristine lake bank, take beautiful cinema and enjoy a short coracle lift in its waters. Check out the near angel and rabbit granges. The trip, to and down, will take around three hours. 

 Pine Tree Forest 

Pine Tree Forest A graphic timber abundant with altitudinous, assessing pine trees, the timber is a must visit for an fascinating jungle walk. Take cornucopia of prints also and enjoy a quiet walk amidst potent trees. 

 Pillar Rocks 

 Pillar jewels spot for anyone who visits Kodaikanal.

The trip isn’t too delicate, but exercise caution while climbing slippery jewels.The views from the peak are stirring. 

Guna caves 

 Guna caves The chambers that are formed between pillar jewels are the spooky and dangerous Guna caves. The caves are narrow and creepy due to the spooky roots of trees around. 

 Bear Shola Falls 

 Bear Shola is a seasonal cascade that’s located within 2 kilometers of distance from Kodai Lake. 

The rickety rocky path to the fall is a bit tedious but the place feels truly private and down from the flocks of rubberneckers. 

 Silver Cascade 

 Silver Cascade is a beautiful slip enroute Madurai from Kodaikanal. The water in the fall originates from Kodai Lake and forms a decent pool for guests to enjoy a knockout. 

The sheer beauty takes a plunge down from 180 bases below and makes a fantastic pool. 

 Kurinji Andavar Temple 


The notorious Kurinji flowers that bloom formerly in every 12 time is also one of the captivating features of the Temple emulsion. This makes it one of the most intriguing places to visit in Kodaikanal, not only for addicts but for every kind of tripper. 

The tabernacle also serves as the fair ground for the summer jubilee which is noted every time in the month of May.