Best Laptop Acer Aspire 5 A515-46-R3UB

Ladies and gentlemen today I want to tell you about the best laptop Acer Aspire you can get for 400 right now frankly telling you that I think it is the only machine worth your attention this budget made Acer aspire 5. its biggest advantage is its hardware which really stands out among all the competitors it features a quad-core AMD processor when every other laptop packs a dual-core Intel Celeron CPU which allows not only to operate the laptop smoothly and comfortably I was actually surprised to experience this speed and responsiveness during my testings but also it is equipped with a solid integrated graphics chip called AMD Radeon vega 6 and that’s why this laptop can even run some games but we’ll talk about it
it comes with 4 gigabytes of ram soldiered on the motherboard and it has one empty slot for memory upgrade which is very convenient i highly recommend to get yourself an 8 gigabytes ram plank and install it asap because that will boost the laptop’s performance dramatically this little upgrade is all you need to enjoy the full potential of this machine but the performance is not the only advantage of this laptop it packs a tonof cool features actually and honestly i don’t understand how they managed to include them all and keep the price so low first of all its screen is alright it is a 15.6 inch ips panel with full hd resolution providing great viewing angles and although its color accuracy is average at 57 as rgb gamma coverage its maximum brightness level is higher than most competitors have 267 nits is fine to work at home in the office at school or the cafe talking about the battery life you can expect from five to seven and a half hours of work from a single charge depending on screen brightness level and also tasks you perform and you decide if it’s good enough and me personally i think it is a solid number now ladies and gentlemen here it comes i’ve tested several games on this machine and i’ll be honest with you i was surprised i was able to play such games as minecraft gta vice city counter-strike global offensive even gta 5. gta 5 for 400 bucks this sounds unreal anyways i’ve created this list of games since average table frame rates playing each of them for you and if this list is something you were looking for i’d really appreciate and yeah all the games were tested was the graphic setting set to low preset and the resolution was set to hd another thing i like about this machine is that it is compact and lightweight it is very easy to carry it around its weight is highly noticeable in the backpack and its build quality solid although it’s made of plastic entirely and although it is so portable they still manage to add a 2.5 inch hard drive bay inside so yeah you can easily upgrade pre-installed 128 gigabyte storage drive by adding a one terabyte hard drive it also features backlit keyboard which is a great bonus for any type of work i like the way they realized it each key is separately backlit and it looks very elegant and the keyboard itself is comfortable the distance between the keys is enough not to press the wrong ones accidentally and it features number pad as well which is a useful feature to have for people who work with numbers a lot acer inspire 5 comes with a windows 11 pre-installed which is a very fast os and honestly like it way more than windows 10 when it comes to design and all animations it’s easy to navigate for sure so it’s also a good choice as for a first laptop for children for example who probably already know more about tech than you do yes i have a little brother he’s six and he’s like a little computer genius also this laptop has extremely versatile connectivity options including usb type c type a and hdmi ports as well as ethernet rj45 and a headphone jack you can easily connect an external monitor or projector your favorite mouse and some external drives if you need and also it supports wi-fi 6 so you don’t ever have to worry about stability of the connection or downloaded speeds on the top of the screen there is a 720p hd webcam which provides average video quality and is great to use for video calls and conferences in my opinion this machine is perfect for students teachers freelancers and people who work remotely also for personal tasks and managing business and after you finish all your main work in the end of the day you can play some light games or watch a movie with your soulmate talking about the downsides of this laptop i love azer to put an sd card slot to transfer data from the camera or maybe a smartphone i’d wish the screen to be a little more colorful and vibrant and also i’d love to see 8 gigs of ram pre-installed right out of the box so we don’t have to do it ourselves but ladies and gentlemen we cannot expect more for only 399 bucks and this laptop is literally perfect for the money it is so well balanced and maxed out in every way.