AthenaHealth Medical Software Review

As a medical professional, you need a medical software that can help you run your practice. Athenahealth Medical Records is an excellent choice, as it offers dozens of useful features. The company has excellent customer service and offers quarterly customer success meetings to review key metrics and identify opportunities for improvement. One of its best features is its dashboard, which allows you to compare your practice performance to the athenaNet average.


AthenaOne is an EHR and patient engagement solution that helps medical practices simplify appointment scheduling, billing, and patient outreach. It offers a simple pricing structure and intuitive EHR application. The software also includes medical coding services, denials management, a native telehealth solution, and extensive reporting capabilities. It also has an open platform and promises no hidden costs.

The program also allows users to customize patient charts, access clinical inbox, view test results, and respond to patient cases. These tools are essential to ensuring that your staff is doing the best possible job.


While this medical software is easy to use, it still falls short in some areas. Athena’s user interface can be confusing at times. It requires a lot of clicking to access different sections of a patient’s chart, and switching between sections means waiting for a page to load. While it appears intuitive at first, many people may find it difficult to navigate the software and get to different billing screens.

This EHR software focuses on helping doctors document patient data efficiently and effectively. It also serves as an EHR database, which eliminates the need to manually organize patient records. The system also transfers all records to the cloud for real-time updating. Aside from facilitating the organization of patient records, this software also provides doctors with tools to improve their workflow.


AthenaCollector is a cloud-based medical billing service. It offers medical providers a range of flexible features, including customizable reporting, patient information, and a support community. This service helps medical practices identify best practices in medical billing and claims processing and ensures their revenue streams are uninterrupted. It also eliminates the need to manually verify patient information.

While the Athena software looks nice, its interface is a little difficult to navigate. When I wanted to view a patient’s chart, I had to click on several different pages. And I needed to wait for each page to load again when I wanted to access a certain section of the patient’s chart. Another major complaint is that the software does not follow standard SOAP protocols for billing and patient information. you should check Kareo EHR features.

AthenaOne dashboard

If you are looking for a dashboard medical software that can help you track your patients’ vital signs, athenaOne might be a good option for your practice. The company provides a free implementation process and a dedicated account manager who works with you from the start. The account manager is available to you during the set-up process and after go-live to answer any questions you might have.

The program is easy to use and intuitive. It has a friendly user interface and guides you through entering patient information. However, some users felt that the claims language is difficult to understand, and clearing them can be difficult. Users also found that there are a number of inconsistencies in the records.

AthenaOne billing tool

AthenaOne’s comprehensive suite of billing tools and its reliance on its athenaNet revenue cycle management solution allow you to optimize your practice’s financial performance. However, revenue cycle management requires the use of an in-house medical biller to maintain the patient’s records, E&M codes, and charge posting.

Despite its robust functionalities, users report that the system is not easy to learn and maintain. They also reported problems with claims scrubbing. Many users had trouble interpreting claims language and noticed inaccuracies in records. Still, Athena’s customer support is exceptional.